Kenmore East Rugby


The Club

The Kenmore East Rugby Club�s inaugural season was spring 2005. We field two high school-aged (under age 19) teams against teams from Orchard Park, City Honors School, Kenmore West and high schools in the Rochester area. The Club is a member of the New York State Rugby Conference.

The Coaches

Coach Ron Astridge (KE 1965) Email 838-1796 was forwards coach for the Buffalo Rugby Club 2004-2005, head coach 2007-2011 and coached at Canisius College rugby for 16 years. He also coached the Northeast USA in the National Collegiate allstar championships for 8 years. Dave Hill played for the Buffalo Rugby Club. Jim Dunnigan (KE 1967) is club advisor and played many years for the Buffalo Rugby Club.

The Season

The season begins with evening indoor practices starting in early March at Kenmore East High School. There are regular practices three day a week. We will go outside at the Green Acres School field as soon as weather and field conditions permit. Matches will be played in April and early May mostly on Sunday afternoons and some weekday afternoons in April and May. Our home field is at Edison Elementary School on Grayton Rd between Sheridan Blvd and Brighton Rd.


Players must be under 19 years of age before September 1 of the preceding Fall and are NOT LIMITED to the Ken East district. In accordance with the goals of our organization, everyone who comes out for the team and participates in practices and follows the conditions explained in the participation agreement will play. We hope to have two full teams of 15 players both of which will play full games.

Medical Clearance

All players will be required to have a waiver form signed by their parents. No proof of a physical exam will be required.


With the support of individual rugby enthusiasts and the Buffalo Rugby Club, there will be a membership fee of approximately $100 each season. Each individual will receive rugby shorts, rugby socks and have his USA Rugby membership paid for one year. Molded sole cleats are recommended at this age and skill level. It may be necessary to charge a $5 or $10 transportation fee to hire a bus to some games.

Expectation for Parents

We encourage and expect parents to support the club through their attendance at games and support of fund-raising activities. Parents may also be asked to take turns in providing water/sports drinks or snacks after games.

Expectations for Players

Players are expected to actively participate in practice, help with all pre and post practice and game chores such as cleaning up, storing equipment and anything else which may need to be done. Players are expected to be available for all games and practices and conduct themselves at all times in a sportsmanlike, respectful and team-oriented manner.

Twickenham, London, England

A Little Rugby History

Rugby is a game that is over 160 years old and has its roots in the Rugby School, England. It was imported to the United States in 1860 and flourished, especially on college campuses. Various rules were applied and one variation eventually formed the basis for American football. Today over 320,000 men, women and children participate in the sport in the United States. Participation is expected to grow, and the Kenmore East Rugby Club will be counted among the growth numbers this year as we complete our first season.

Why is Rugby Unique

Like most sports, rugby requires strength, speed, agility and the ability to think quickly on your feet. However, the rigors of this 15 man non-stop team sport promote in the players a positive attitude and self-confidence not found in many other games. And unique to rugby is the after-match social, where the home team hosts both teams to hot dogs and soda, with the captain of each side delivering a speech praising the other team�s performance. Tradition may also dictate each team singing its respective team song. (The Kenmore East Rugby Club is currently accepting nominations for its team song.)